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Samsung WB150F sample photos

We are in the process of reviewing the Samsung WB150F, and have here for you the first of the un-retouched sample photos. We have discovered the WB150F to be a versatile camera, with a large number of manual controls you would only expect to find on an SLR. We will be going to identical sites with the Olympus SZ-14 and doing identical comparison photos to let you see exactly how the Samsung WB150F stacks up against it's rival, the Olympus SZ-14 / SZ12.

These are completely un retouched samples, direct from camera with a Jpeg setting of fine. They have been re-named to file names our server can handle.

Sample image 1.
Sample image 2.
Sample image 3.
Sample image 4.

Optical Tricorder: Olympus pocket camera capable of resolving living cells from FEET away

During our review of the Olympus SZ-14 / SZ-12 we realized that macros from this camera were not just ordinary macros. We were seeing details that were totally unexpected. But when our reviewer (who has experience in microscopy) discovered that it was telescopically resolving details you would only expect to see in a microscope, we were skeptical, because that would be impossible. To our surprise, when we finally got around to setting up a fairly un-conventional microscope slide, the Olympus SZ-14 / SZ-12 was able to capture clear images of living cells from FEET away. This is unprecedented in a consumer level camera.

In addition to onion cells, our reviewer also concluded that the SZ-14 / SZ-12 had a fair shot at capturing images of the larger micro organisms, such as paramiciums and amoebas, because the onion cells in this photo were the smallest of any sample, and from the outside skin of an onion layer which has the smaller cells and not the inside, which has cells approximately 4 times as large. If you have one of these cameras, it should be easy for you to perform this experiment. Put a live onion skin on a piece of glass and put it out in the sunshine, standing up, and set the camera up two feet away. Use the self timer to avoid camera shake, have it in macro mode, and zoom it all the way in.

During our tests the Olympus SZ-14 / SZ-12 was able to achieve focus lock on the cells alone, without hesitation, from up to five feet away. The photo above was shot from a distance of two feet. Read our full review of the Olympus SZ-14 HERE